Leah Hardin
Sales Director

A girl with passion and drive as her middle names. Born and raised in the Ozarks, Leah started her first job at Hard Luck Diner as a singing server in Branson. She performed in several Branson Shows and dreamed of traveling to Nashville. Soon after meeting her husband-to-be she realized that between family or fame...family was more important. They then settled in the border town of Omaha, Arkansas.

Leah worked her way up at Great American Title from Construction Disbursement to Closer. With a creative mind that she never allows to get bored, she yearned for something different in 2007. Leah made a leap to the hospitality industry where she created Big Cedar’s wedding department. She successfully built her department taking it from 6 weddings per year to an astonishing 230 per year by 2013.

Success from many hours of hard work and determination, she wanted others to experience that same feeling of success. Leah went to share her sales and marketing expertise with other merchants in the wedding industry. So she joined the largest bridal magazine publication and bridal expo in the area, Metropolitan Bride. In just one year she increased revenue and confidence for those merchants with her training and mentoring skills. She was also a big part of bringing to life the world of frOlic, a new family & kids magazine and family expo event. Further proving that whatever Leah pursues in life, family is at the heart of it.

“I truly believe that the Ozarks IS the best place to raise a family.” Leah continues with a smile, “Where else on Earth can you wake up to a beautiful sunrise on the lake, go outlet shopping, sing at the top of your lungs and everyone expects it, take your boys dirt bike riding, duck hunting, go-karting, mini golfing, feed a shark at the zoo, ride roller coasters at Silver Dollar City, be fed dinner by Dolly Parton, go river floating, jump off a rock into a giant hole in the creek bed, roast a smore over a campfire, and sleep under the stars…all in one day?!”

In her downtime, she enjoys all of those pros of the Branson area. Most of all, taking her husband, Dave, and two little boys, Fin and Huck, along for the ride with her. The most precious times for Leah are building legos and creating magical blanket forts over the coffee table.

Leah is the resident sales and marketing ring leader for the Gerken & Associates team. Her combined creativity, attention to detail, and strong self-motivation help her to assist the agents in the office. Leah provides valuable marketing materials and sales strategies along with positivity and motivation to help them succeed.

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