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You’ve seen the signs around town…“Vote Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board on April 4th!” You don’t want to vote for just ‘anybody’. You want to vote for ‘someone’ who stands for something. So just who is Mandi Dinger-Rogers?Mandi Rogers Realtor

Mandi, why are you running for the Forsyth School Board?

“It’s long been known the quality of public schools influence where people buy a home and what they are willing to pay for it. As a parent considering a move with young children, my number one dilemma has been what school district we live in. As a Realtor®, I know all too well this is one of the first criteria evaluated when buyers begin their search. My primary goal in running for School Board in the Forsyth District is to provide a unique perspective as a Realtor® on how different functions of the District and decisions made affect not only the school but the local housing market in the short term and for years to come. Regardless of whether they have children, buyers care about the reputation of the schools because they know that schools directly affect a community’s vitality as well as its property values.

In any workplace, be it a doctor’s office or a school, the culture and environment play a huge role in the overall success of the organization. One of the leadership ideas I adopted early in my career was that individuals are motivated in very different ways and that it is extremely time-consuming to play into every motivating factor. However, by identifying the factors that harm the individual’s motivation and happiness, you will find more common ground. Once identified, working to resolve those non-motivators will, in turn, have a positive impact.

With my 10 plus years of operations management, one of my goals would be to help analyze and improve cost efficiencies; as well as, uncover potential revenue sources.”


In what school district or community activities/organizations have you been involved?

Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board


Why should you be elected to serve on the School Board?

“As a local resident of the district and moving into the 2017-2018 school year, I have a vested interested in the continued success of the Forsyth School District. The dynamics of a district’s leadership team play an integral role in such success. I feel the unique perspective and experience I would bring to the group would further compliment the current leaders.”


What differentiates you from the other candidates and/or board members?

“The primary factor differentiating myself from other candidates and members is my experience and role as a local Realtor®. Prior to becoming a local Realtor®, I had the pleasure of working for several large corporations that invested a great deal in my leadership development and exposed me to a plethora of different executive level functions. With these experiences and my high motivation, I feel I have a winning combination to serve the Forsyth Community proudly as a member of the School Board.”

Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board


Are you endorsed by any groups or organizations?

“The local Tri-Lakes Board of Realtors® has committed to supporting my candidacy as they believe in the impact and knowledge a local Realtor® brings to the table in various leadership roles.”


What are the attributes/behaviors essential for school board members? Why do you think you possess those?

“I believe two key factors to any individuals success (be it as a mother, manager, co-worker, board member, etc.) is founded on 1) Fairness and 2) Consistency. Applying these two values to your daily actions builds the respect necessary to have successful working relationships with those around you. I also believe that communication is a critical factor in an individual or group’s overall success. Communicating the “Why” surrounding any topic or decision is an essential attribute.

Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board


What was your experience attending Forsyth schools?

“I graduated during a pivotal time when technology was really taking hold and about to change our lives forever. My generation was one of the first to have a computer in the classroom. We played ‘Oregon Trail’ in third grade! (For those that remember what that was! lol) We had one of the first typing classes in middle school, pagers and flip phones in high school. Nowadays, our children are growing up with information and answers at their fingertips, which changes the entire learning process. One of my biggest fears for our education systems as a whole is the ability to adapt and keep up with technological advances. I believe members of the School Board can help advocate this growth.”


What is the school district doing well now that you plan to help continue?

The Forsyth School District has done an outstanding job increasing graduation rates to 95% and above. These past few years they’ve continued success through the addition of the alternative school and other efforts. It has also been pleasing to see the addition of various programs such as football, archery, performing arts and more! These appeal to a diversified student body which is very important. The district has also made great effort to keep technology at the forefront of learning and teaching.


What should your school district do to better prepare students as citizens?Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board

“A critical role of a school district is to ensure that the development of the students’ emotional intelligence is just as important as the focus put on standardized testing. One’s ability to respectfully interact with others and communicate in an effective manner plays a huge role in one’s long term successes in life.

In past management roles when assessing hiring concerns, it was shocking to me. A hiring manager would review a large number of candidates that couldn’t sign their name. Several candidates could not keep eye contact while speaking. These candidates usually didn’t show up dressed appropriately for an interview either. There are certain life skills that simply cannot be taken for granted. They must remain a part of our youth’s primary development. We are also dealing with a workforce where college graduates are often competing for the same $8/hr entry level jobs as those bringing years of experience to the table.”


What is your vision for education in this community?

“My vision for education in our community is delivering graduates to the workforce who have been given higher education. That these well-rounded individuals will then possess the resourcefulness and emotional intelligence necessary to be kind and productive citizens.”


Do you have another question for Mandi? No problem! Reach out!

Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board



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Vote Mandi Dinger-Rogers Forsyth, MO School Board

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