More Bang for Your Buck – Why Live in Branson, MO?

Low Cost of Living Branson MOWhy live in Branson, Missouri? It ranks as the 11th LOWEST cost
of living state. Which means if you move here from any of the
39 other states, you could possibly live like a millionaire!

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#5    Health – Missouri is almost 3% lower in cost on health care as compared to the national average. With Cox Regional Hospital already established right in the middle of Branson and more Mercy Urgent Cares & Doctor Offices being added every year, it’s no wonder people are starting to flock to Branson, MO. Why wait in line when you can come to Branson, MO and be seen by a doctor within an hour of going in!


#4    Groceries – It’s a 4% lower cost to buy food in Missouri than the national average. Wow! That explains why people in Branson eat so much BBQ. Bring on the Porterhouse Steaks!


#3    Misc – For anything not in the main categories, Missouri ranks 5% lower on EVERYTHING! Well there’s a no-brainer reason to move to Branson, MO if I ever heard one!


#2   Transportation – Who doesn’t enjoy paying less for gas? At 10% lower than the national average think about all the cities and entertainment I can now experience and enjoy in Southern Missouri. This has opened up a huge can of worms…I may just fish at Lake of the Ozarks today and Table Rock Lake tomorrow!


#1    Housing – And the biggest reason to move to Branson, Missouri? Housing ranks 76.5% coming in at a WHOPPING 23.5% LOWER COST than the national average. What’s better than Location, Location, Location? Lower, Lower, Lower cost of living!


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