Branson or Bust – On the Move!

Car packed for Missouri or BustSo you’ve made the decision! You are moving out of state to the Branson, MO area! So how do you get ready for the big move?  Use the Gerken & Associates’ 3P method!

Pack It – Purge It – Pay It Forward

If you are like most people who have lived in their house for several years, you’ve gained quite the little pile of treasures in your home. Your baseball card collection, your favorite photo you colored in the 2nd grade, your first dollar in a frame from your first job, along with all your bedroom sets, kitchen supplies, clothes, the list goes on and on.

The best way to get started on approaching a big move is to take inventory. Walk into each room of your home and start writing down everything that you see; breaking it up by room category. Don’t forget to also do this for the outside! (shed, garage, barn, gardens) Now with that list, compare which rooms you will still have in the new home you are moving to. Any rooms you won’t have (if downsizing) decide if you want to keep those items…which rooms you are going to make those items fit inside at the new house? Any rooms you will be gaining (if up-sizing), you will know you have extra space for certain items. What do you envision in those bonus rooms?

Now it’s time for the Pack It Purge It – Pay It Forward Method. Go through each room list and read off each item. Let’s take the bedroom for instance. Bedroom set=Need=Keep & Pack. A four-foot-covered-in-dust-stuffed-bear from 5 Valentine’s Days ago that the neighbor 3 homes down gave you? =Want….is that a “still want?” or a “purge it!” item? Because 4ft of space in a moving truck can haul a lot of kitchen items to your new home and unless that bear can cook…I’d say, “Purge it!”. If it’s in fairly good condition you might consider putting it in a yard sale to add to gas and food money for the moving trip or use the 3rd P Method, which is to Pay It Forward. Donate the item to a local charity, church, or goodwill program.

Now that you are all ready to go, consider using a moving company to relieve some stress. Get color coordinated totes and designate one color for each room; blue for bedroom, green for kitchen, so that the movers (and yourselves!) know exactly how many you have of what and which room it goes to once it arrives.

Moving can be a tiring experience for some. Now that you’ve made it one step closer with our 3P Method, go ahead and grab that margarita. You deserve a break!

Margarita in glass with lime isolated on white background

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