Branson Schools

Branson takes its education seriously, offering well-funded, modern facilities to the Tri-Lakes area. Currently, there are five public schools and three private schools in the Branson R-IV district.
To serve its more than 2,500 students, Branson Public Schools employs over 150 teachers, holding a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1 to 16.
Other popular area schools close to the Branson community include Hollister Public SchoolsForsyth Public Schools and Blue Eye Public Schools.

Reeds Spring Public Schools have taken steps toward becoming Professional Learning Communities (PLC). PLC includes teacher collaboration, a Freshmen Mentoring Program and guided study hall for students who need extra help.

Private schools, such as New Life Academy, not only focus on high academic standards too, but Christian ethics as well.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll find area schools to be well equipped with excellent educational tools, athletic facilities, and resourceful science and computer labs.

The College of the Ozarks is located just south of Branson in Point Lookout. This four-year college, 1,000 acre campus is home to over 1,600 students.
Nationwide, the college has gained a reputation for strong academics and is commonly referred to as “Hard Work U”. There, the college hosts dozens of programs for students to work their way through college instead of paying tuition.

Branson Vocational schools and many public interest groups offer education in the area as well, including the Omar Gibson Vocational Technical School and Ozarks Community Technical School.

Branson R-IV School District
400 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.334.6541

Branson Kindergarten Center
Level: K
Student Capacity: 300
402 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.336.1887

Branson Primary School
Level: 1-2
Student Capacity: 560
404 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.334.5137

Branson Elementary School
Level: 3-4
Student Capacity: 500
396 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.334.5135

Branson Intermediate School
Level: 5-6
Student Capacity: 500
308 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.332.3201

Branson Junior High School
Level: 7-8
Student Capacity: 550
263 Buccaneer Blvd
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.334.3087

Branson High School
Level: 9-12
Student Capacity: 1,200
935 Buchanan Rd.
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 417.334.6511